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A Bicycle Built For Two, by Alice Duncan

A Bicycle Built For Two, by Alice Duncan

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Born and bred on the mean streets of Chicago, Kate Finney has few illusions about love. A handsome city swell like Alex English sure isn't looking to marry a girl who spends her nights telling fortunes and dancing the hootchy-kootchy at the Fair -- and she isn't any man's toy. And yet, she's never met anyone like Alex before. A man with potent charm and relentless determination, he refuses to be ignored, insulted, or rebuffed by her. in fact, he's pursuing her every chance he gets. Kate knows she had better put him in his place -- and quickly -- before he melts her icy armor . . . and steals her lonely heart!

Pocket Paperback. New, mint condition. 2002. 347 pages.

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