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A Risk Worth Taking, by Robin Pilcher

A Risk Worth Taking, by Robin Pilcher

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Dan Porter had it all: a big house in suburban London, a beautiful wife, three children in private school, and a high-paying job. But then, it all collapsed like a house of cards. Now Dan stays home while his angry wife pursues a career, and his marriage falters. Returning to his old profession could mend the rift, but Dan needs to do something else, something more...

Then, Dan hears about a company for sale in northern Scotland, and the temptation is too great to resist. With his son Josh and two dogs in tow, he lands in a primitive cottage above a frigid loch. As he takes stock of his past, he discovers a community who desperately needs his help, a new chance for the future, a risk that requires a leap of faith...and an astonishing love.

Hardcover. February 2004 First Edition. New, mint condition. 308 pages.

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