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An Invisible Man, by Stephanie A. Stanley

An Invisible Man, by Stephanie A. Stanley

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On the humid, rain-soaked day of July 12, 2002, antique-store owner Pam Kinamore was abducted from her home in the suburbs of Baton rouge. Specualtion began that her disappearance was linked to the rape and murder of two other women in the area--both smart, beautiful, and confident women like Pam. Four days later, Pam's body was found. and the DNA evidence proved that she had been killed by the same man who killed the other women....

Suddenly, no woman in the area felt safe. The Baton Rouge Advocate stoked the panic with a report that over the last decade, the murders of 29 local women had gone unsolved. Desperate to contain the hysteria, police and city authorities pulled out all the hi-tech forensic and investigatory techniques at their disposal. Little did they know that it would be good old-fashioned police work that would solve the case And never could they have imagined who the killer would turn out to be--a man whom even the experts failed to notice....

Pocket Paperback. Excellent condition with only minimal wear. 2006. 370 pages. Photos.

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