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Before and Again, by Doris Mortman

Before and Again, by Doris Mortman

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After years of suffering from terrible nightmares, Callie Jamieson's mother took her own life when Callie was just a little girl. Now a successful investigative reporter, Callie has done all she can to put the past behind her. But lately, she's been having the same disturbing dream that drove her mother mad-right down to the chilling murder at the end...

Anxious and exhausted, Callie must put aside her personal demons when she's assigned an investigative article on the death of Wilty Hale. Wilty was the sole heir to the famed Hale fortune. He was also Callie's ex-lover. His suspicious death has all of New York asking: Was it murder or suicide?

Joining forces with detective Ezra Chapin, Callie learns that right before his death, Wilty was poised to expose a scandalous family secret. But as she sifts through all the evidence, Callie also closes in on the root of her own nightmares-and a startling connection between past and present that could prove deadly...

Hardcover. November, 2003 First Edition. Excellent condition with minimal wear. 388 pages.

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