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Beyond Temptation: The Templar Knights, by Mary Reed McCall

Beyond Temptation: The Templar Knights, by Mary Reed McCall

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From the wonderfully evocative and talented Mary Reed McCall comes the first novel of an exciting new trilogy based on the mysterious and fascinating Knights of Templar.

Sir Richard de Cantor, a highly-skilled warrior, is hampered by guilt over the ambitious, materialistic way he'd lived before he joined the Templar Brotherhood -- a lifestyle he believes led to the death of his young daughter. Lady Margaret Newcomb is a disgraced daughter of a powerful English earl and has led a quiet life of penance and atonement. Though of different backgrounds, in truth they are both lonely, battered by the world, and in desperate need of each other's love and acceptance. Their fragile relationship is soon threatened when the French Inquisition makes its way to England, and Richard is faced with charges for his position as a Templar Knight, only to have their love further tested when someone from Meg's past reappears with the power to tear the two apart.

Pocket Paperback. New, mint condition. 2005. 365 pages.

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