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Bleeding Orange, by John Maher & Kirk Bohls

Bleeding Orange, by John Maher & Kirk Bohls

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Trouble and triumph deep in the heart of Texas football.

Decades ago, the orange-and-white Texas Longhorns were the toast of the state and the kings of college football. Then came a long, painful decline that hit bottom in 1989, with back-to-back losing seasons, a gambling scandal, illegal steroid use, and the coach's job on the line. But in 1990 David McWilliams and his team pulled back from the brink, with a 'shock the nation' season that returned the Longhorns to the top rank of college football. Bleeding Orange recounts the fall and rise of the Longhorns....

Hardcover. Excellent, near-mint condition. 1991. 274 pages. Photos.

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