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Call Down the Night, by Sandy Moffett

Call Down the Night, by Sandy Moffett

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For Alexandra Gables, visiting Salem, Massachusetts is sure to provide a respite from the suitors her doting father has taken to presenting. Alexandra's only love is science and the chance to catalogue rare flowers there may finally prove to her family that she is a dedicated scholar. But when she steps onto the dock at Salem, she experiences another of the eerie, unexplained visions that have always plagued her. Meeting brilliant shipwright Pierce Williams is more disturbing still, for he inspires feelings Alex never imagined--and a passion too compelling to deny. Soon her visions show her the violent wreck of Pierce's newest ship, while a mysterious woman hints that an ancient legacy of witchcraft has fated Pierce to die.... unless Alex can call upon the love they've found to save him....

Pocket Paperback. Excellent condition with only minimal wear. 2002. 318 pages.

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