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Chase the Lightning, by Madeline Baker

Chase the Lightning, by Madeline Baker

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Madeline Baker always takes the reader on a different adventure full of love, action and great sex. This story takes you on a time-travel adventure from the Old West to the 21st century. Trey is a Native Apache Indian brought to Amanda house by a magical white stallion horse that his grandfather told him about, caring him away from danger into the another world (actually the future).

Amanda finds Trey and horse in her barn, Trey is wounded, she manages to get him back to good health but she is attracted to him more so than the man she is fiancée to. Trey doesn't understand about this new world he's in but knows he's falling in love with Amanda. Danger takes them back to his time and Amanda adjusts to living in his time. Amanda marries Trey but danger takes Amanda back to her world without Trey. Eventually love conquers all and the great white horse brings Trey back to Amanda.

Pocket Paperback. New, mint condition. 2001. 394 pages.

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