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Delphine, by Cherie Claire

Delphine, by Cherie Claire

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Raised by Captain Jean Bouclaire, Delphine Delaronde lost her heart to his partner Philibert Bertrand when she was just a girl. But when she finally came of age and confessed her love to the dashing Louisiana smuggler, he dismissed her '"juvenile crush." Embarrassed and hurt Phiney fled to France, hoping to forget his cruel rejection, unaware that Phil had realized too late the precious gift he had cast aside. When fate brought them together again, Delphine had inherited a title, and a noblewoman's reponsibilities. Now she seems beyond Philibert's reach forever. But beneath the poise and grace of the beautiful countess beats the passionate heart of a woman who will never give up her one true love.

Pocket Paperback. Excellent, near-mint condition. 2002. 318 pages.

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