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Fatal Embrace, by Cris Barrish and Peter Meyer

Fatal Embrace, by Cris Barrish and Peter Meyer

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When Anne Marie Fahey, beautiful, ambitious secretary to the Governor of Delaware, disappeared in June of 1996, all eyes immediately turned to Thomas Capano, the high-powered attorney with whom Anne Marie had been having a clandestine love affair.

Well-respected, politically connected, married, and a father of four, Thomas Capano denied knowing anything about Anne Marie's disappearance. But when his brother turned him in to investigators, Capano's image was shattered. During the murder trial, he emerged as a sordid womanizer, a volatile man with a short fuse, and ultimately, as a brutal murderer who shot Anne Marie and recruited her brother to help dispose of her body.

Now acclaimed writer Peter Meyer and award-winning journalist Cris Barrish explore the astounding true story behind this sensational case in Fatal a simple flirtation in the corridors of power turned into a very fatal Capano stuffed Fahey's body in a plastic cooler, dumped it in the sea-- and what lurid final act would keep it from ever being, in an explosive murder trial that galvanized the nation and pitted brother against brother, Capano became his own worst enemy-- and was convicted of cold-blooded murder...

Pocket Paperback. Very good condition with minimal wear. 369 pages. With photos.

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