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Final Beginnings, by John Edwards and Natasha Stoynoff

Final Beginnings, by John Edwards and Natasha Stoynoff

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Four families, one tunnel…and the survival of the country at stake: psychic medium John Edward sets his suspenseful second novel against a backdrop of serial terrorist attacks in New York City.

Drawing from his expertise in psychic phenomena, Edward spins a supernatural thriller that culminates in a midtown Manhattan tunnel where the lives and deaths of his four central characters converge. Reminiscent of the tragedy that is carried in the hearts of Americans, these interwoven tales of love, faith, good, and evil answer the questions Edward is often asked: Do we choose the time when we die? Does everything happen for a reason? Do our loved ones guide us from the Other Side?  This fictional narrative will strike an emotional chord with readers while sending a message of universal healing.

Hardcover. 2004 First Edition. Excellent, near-mint condition. 234 pages.

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