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Golf Shorts Par 2, by Glenn Liebman

Golf Shorts Par 2, by Glenn Liebman

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Golf is a pretty funny game, especially if you don't play it, and if you do, a sense of humor is required to keep you from going batty. The beauty of this delightfully wry, witty, and often wise collection of quips and quibbles is that you can pretty much drop in anywhere and emerge with just enough perspective, from just enough diverse sources, to keep your own relationship with the game from driving you nuts: "Golf is mostly a game of failures" (Tommy Armour); "Golf is not a funeral, though both can be very sad" (Bernard Darwin); "Golfers just love punishment. And that's where I come in" (architect Pete Dye); and "I tried. I swung. I missed. I never tried again" (Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn). Those are all from a section called "Golf Wisdom," but there is much more here than existential grousing--Chi Chi Rodriguez on Jack Nicklaus driving one into the woods: "That's where a bear belongs"; Bob Hope on Pebble Beach: "(It's) Alcatraz with grass"; and Sam Snead describing how he stays loose while swinging: "I try to feel oily." The way Golf Shorts greases the funny bone, it should help keep you relaxed, and your swing lubricated.

Hardcover. Excellent, mint condition. 1998. 248 pages.

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