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Literary Life: A Second Memoir, by Larry McMurtry

Literary Life: A Second Memoir, by Larry McMurtry

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LARRY McMURTRY IS THAT RAREST OF ARTISTS, a prolific and genre-transcending writer who has delighted generations with his witty and elegant prose. In Literary Life, the sequel to Books, he expounds on the private trials and triumphs of being a writer. From his earliest inkling of his future career while at Rice University, to his tenure as a Wallace Stegner fellow at Stanford with Ken Kesey in 1960, to his incredible triumphs as a bestselling author, this intimate and charming autobiography is replete with literary anecdotes and packed with memorable observations about writing, writers, and the author himself. It is a work to be cherished not only by McMurtry’s admirers, but by the innumerable aspiring writers who seek to make their own mark on American literature.

Hardcover. New, mint condition. 2009 First Edition. 175 pages.

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