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Lord of the Isles, by Amanda Scott

Lord of the Isles, by Amanda Scott

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This is a historical romance set in Scotland in the late 1300's. Lord Hector Reganoch, Lord of Lochbuie, finds himself out in a thunderstorm and goes to the home of Lord Macleod and his many daughters, seeking shelter. He meets the lovely Mariota, the second oldest daughter, and he falls in love with her. Unfortunately, when he asks to take her as his wife, Macleod tells Reganoch that he cannot allow this. Because of superstition, his oldest daughter must marry first.

Christina is not as fair as the lovely Mariota, and has not had many men attracted to her as Mariota has, but she would make a good wife. She is eighteen years old and is ready to start a family of her own. She already takes care of her father and her sisters, with the help of Lady Euphemia, her father's sister. But all this does nothing to impress Hector. He insists on marrying Mariota.

So, Macleod and the rest of the family (excluding Mariota, who has shown no interest in the man) help create a deception, and Hector ends up marrying Christina, while drunk. The two share the wedding bed that night, and by morning, Hector knows he cannot annul this marriage that he was tricked into. He still yearns for the beautiful Mariota, but does not know what to do now that he's legally married to the older sister.

Christina had fallen in love with Hector on first sight, but she feels that he will never love her, since he loves Mariota. But what Christina does not know is that Hector is slowly getting to know Christina and Mariota, and is realizing that there is a lot more to a marriage than staring at a very beautiful face. And while Christina is not as beautiful as her sister, he sees qualities in her that are deeper than mere beauty, and finds that he is falling in love with his wife.

Mariota in the meantime is now set on annulling her sister's marriage so she can marry Hector, a man she had no interest in until he married Christina. Obviously, she wants what she can't have. This is one crazy woman, as the reader will find out.

Pocket Paperback. Excellent, near-mint condition. 2005. 388 pages.

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