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Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, by William Davis, MD

Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, by William Davis, MD

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Like many Americans, you probably fill your plate with the "healthy whole grains" we're told will ease our health and weight woes, but your belly stubbornly remains. In this groundbreaking book cardiologist William Davis explains how wheat is hurting, hot helping--and how going wheat-free is the answer to the war on obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, skin problems, mental fatigue, and much more. For example, did you know that blood sugar can increase more by eating two slices of whole wheat bred than by eating two tablespoons of pure sugar?

With his easy-to-follow guidelines, Dr. Davis walks you through your divorce from wheat and your transition into a life free of belly fat, blood sugar worries, high cholesterol, digestive problems, and allergies. Watch your cravings and health issues subside and a svelte new you emerge in just weeks!

Hardcover. Excellent, near-mint condition. 2012. 358 pages.

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