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Midnight Runner, by Jack Higgins

Midnight Runner, by Jack Higgins

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Death is the midnight runner.” – Arab proverb
    Higgins’ last novel, Edge of Danger, was “hugely entertaining,” said the Los Angeles Times. “The publisher describes it as a powerful thriller, and it’s no lie.” At its end, the murderous Arab/English Rashid family lay decimated – but not extinct. And that may have been Sean Dillon’s fatal error.

    Her brothers killed one by one, Kate Rashid swears vengeance on all who have harmed her family. Never mind that they tried to assassinate the President of the United States, that villainy ran in their veins. They were her brothers, and her enemies would pay. British agent Sean Dillon…White House operative Blake Johnson…the President himself…their time was coming, and only she knew how – or when.

Mass Market Pocket Paperback. Excellent, near-mint condition. 2003. 289 pages.

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