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Native Wisdom, by Ed McGaa

Native Wisdom, by Ed McGaa

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"Mitakuye oyasin" - "we are all related." This Oglala Sioux saying is the philosophy underlying Native American spirituality and practices, a sense of connection to the entire universe. In Native Wisdom, Ed McGaa (Eagle Man) presents an accessible overview of the religion of his people, in chapters ranging from the philosophical to the detailed and practical.

Each chapter opens with questions that might be posed by those unfamiliar with "the Natural Way" - the Earth-based spiritual practices of the Oglala Sioux. McGaa uses these questions as a starting point to delve into a variety of topics, which taken as a whole present a comprehensive guide to living a life in harmony with nature, as well as a life dedicated to preserving the earth.

Native Wisdom features several informative appendices, including a brief glossary of Lakota words and traditional spiritual songs in English and Lakota.

Trade Paperback. 1995 First Edition. Excellent, near-mint condition. 251 pages.

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