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Presidio - DVD

Presidio - DVD

3.99 USD
Lt. Col. Caldwell (SEAN CONNERY) and Police Inspector Jay Austin (MARK H ARMON) don't like each other. Not even a little bit. That's because Cald well helped run Austin out of the military police a few years back. And now these natural enemies are forced to team up to solve a brutal murder at The Presidio military compound.To make matters worse, Inspector Aust in has taken a sudden and passionate interest in a beautiful, feisty yo ung woman (MEG RYAN), who just happens to be Lt. Col. Caldwell's daughte r. First, sparks fly betw een the young lovers. Then fists and bullets s tart flying as this action-packed thriller kicks into high gear and tear s up the stree ts of San Francisco.

Preplayed DVD. Rated R. 97 minutes.

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