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Running Wild, by Bobby Hutchinson

Running Wild, by Bobby Hutchinson

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P.I. Maddie Bertusso has always had her feet planted firmly on the ground - which makes her the perfect person to rein in her beautiful, rebellious sister, Francine. Little sis's current conquest, Sebastian, is her craziest hook-up yet. But when Maddie decides to use all her skills to expose his checkered past, her investigation leads her straight to Sebastian's brother, Finn. And while Finn may not be quite as wild as Sebastian, his intense green-eyed gaze makes Maddie want to rip off her glasses, let down her hair, and do things that would make Francine blush...Finn Fisher has been burned - badly - by love. The best thing he has to show for an acrimonious divorce is his sweet daughter, Zoe, whose best interests colour every decision he makes. Of course, a guy has to get back in the game sometime. It's been a long while since Finn trusted a woman, and even longer since he's wanted one as badly as he wants Maddie. She seems so mild-mannered and practical, but there's something undeniably sexy simmering behind those warm brown eyes. Could Finn be the one man capable of tapping into Maddie's inner bad girl? There's only one way to find out...

Pocket Paperback. New, mint condition. 2005. 350 pages.

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