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Sweetwater Seduction, by Joan Johnston

Sweetwater Seduction, by Joan Johnston

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Schoolmarm Eden Devlin was too tall and too doggone smart. Most men in Sweetwater wouldn't tangle with her. Until Burke Kerrigan rode into town. Big, hard, and handsome, he wore a pair of six-guns and a bold, lazy smile. He came to settle the war between the nesters and the ranchers, but soon had another challenge on his hands. Both sides in Sweetwater's violent dispute wanted the meddling Miss Devlin taught a thing or two. Simple seduction seemed the perfect lesson. But Kerrigan didnt' count on the fire beneath the brains and innocence. And Miss Devlin? She found a blazing passion that promised happiness beyond her wildest expectations - and a love that might break her heart.

Pocket Paperback. New, mint condition. 2004. 383 pages.

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