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The Artful Bird, by Abigail Patner Glasssenberg

The Artful Bird, by Abigail Patner Glasssenberg

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Join the flock! Create your own aviary of charming, beautifully detailed, one-of-a-kind fabric bird sculptures with basic machineand handsewing, embroidery, and mixed-media craft techniques. The Artful Bird presents 16 incredibly charming, quirky, personality-filled birds for you to make! Through a detailed chapter of step-by-step basic birdmaking techniques and tips, you will not only learn to make these cute creatures, but also discover how to craft your own patterns for almost any bird--real or imagined.

Inside you'll also find Glassenberg's creative ideas to give each bird individual character and personality, from using paint and glitter to adding collage elements. Plus, check out an international gallery of birds from other noted fabric bird makers for more inspiration!

Large Format Trade Paperback. Excellent mint condition. 2010. 159 pages.

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