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The Christmas Cookie Book, by Judy Knipe & Barbara Marks

The Christmas Cookie Book, by Judy Knipe & Barbara Marks

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The wonderful aroma of home-baked cookies is part of the enduring magic of Christmas. Now you can celebrate the holidays with The Christmas Cookie Book, a mouth-watering collection of more than ninety recipes gathered from the family, friends, and neighbors of authors Judy Knipe and Barbara Marks.

Here you'll find traditional American favorites as well as international classics: Mother Gilbert's Chocolate Cookies and Renata's Vanilla Crescents make the most of down-home ingredients, while Linzer Wreaths and Swedish Butter Cookies will delight you with their marvelous Old World flavor. There are recipes for fancy cookies, such as Almond Spritz, and for treats like Apricot-Coconut Confections, which are so simple even the kids can help.

More than a collection of recipes, The Christmas Cookie Book is also a practical guide to the basics of cookie baking, equipment, and techniques. A special section called "Cookies to Go" is devoted to gift-giving, with charming ideas for packing and wrapping your cookies. A veritable feast of terrific recipes, gift ideas, and cookie-lore, The Christmas Cookie Book is sure to please cookie lovers of all ages.

Hardcover. Excellent, mint condition. 2000. 132 pages.

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