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The Death of the Blue Mountain Cat, by Michael Allen Dymmoch

The Death of the Blue Mountain Cat, by Michael Allen Dymmoch

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The art world is the backdrop when a controversial artist reaches the end of his fifteen minutes of fame.

Native American artist Blue Mountain Cat has a style described as "Andy Warhol meets Jonathan Swift in Indian country." When he's murdered at an exclusive showing in a conservative art museum, Detective John Thinnes has no shortage of suspects. Targets of the artist's satire included a greedy developer, a beautiful Navajo woman, and black-market antiquities dealers. Even the victim's wife merits investigation.

Thinnes drafts psychiatrist Jack Caleb to guide him through the terra incognita of the art world, and their investigation turns up a desperate museum director, a savage critic, a married mistress, and shady dealings by the artist's partner. Thinnes and Caleb connect several apparently unrelated deaths as they follow leads from Wisconsin to Chicago's South Side and the mystery's explosive conclusion.

Hardcover. Excellent condition with only minimal wear. April 1996 First Edition. 328 pages.

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