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The Eagle and the Rose, by Rosemary Altea

The Eagle and the Rose, by Rosemary Altea

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The fascinating story of how Rosemary Altea awoke to her psychic gifts as a medium and a healer is as simple and honest as it is remarkable. Recounting her amazing journey, Altea introduces readers to her native American spirit guide, Grey Eagle, and explains how she has been able to harness her astonishing power to heal, astral-travel, and perform soul rescues. Detailed, too, are 10 of Rosemary's staggering -- and real -- experiences with the afterlife and her spiritual philosophies of how life on Earth is just part of a cycle of growth that transcends day-to-day existence.

Pocket Paperback. Very good condition with only minimal wear. 1996. 303 pages.

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