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The Laird, by Sandy Blair

The Laird, by Sandy Blair

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A multiple award-winning paranormal time travel fiction set in medieval Scotland, The Laird contains alpha male Highlanders, ghost, action, suspense, humor, drama, history and romance. Cursed on his death bed centuries ago, the laird of Castle Blackstone, Duncan MacDougall, wanders the echoing halls of his island bound home as a ghost. Knowing only one woman has the power to set him free, he follows his castle’s newest mistress with great interest as she tours her inheritance for the first time. Could this plain, odd woman from across the sea be the one? Raised in the New York foster care system, street-wise catering director Beth Pudding isn’t easily frightened. But then she isn’t alone in her new home. A handsome specter with piercing blue eyes is following her as she evaluates the wisdom of keeping her inheritance, a decrepit island-bound castle. Who is he? And what does he want? Her hunt for answers soon takes both on a journey of discovery neither could never have imagined.

Trade Paperback. Excellent, mint condition. 2013. 319 pages.

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