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The Loner: Hard Luck Money, by J. A. Johnstone

The Loner: Hard Luck Money, by J. A. Johnstone

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A beautiful young woman has an incredible story to tell: about her outlaw father, how he got busted out of jail, and then met a bloody end. Katherine Lupo believes her dad, a career train robber, was sprung by someone who wanted to set up Lupo for another crime--and then killed him when the job was done. A Texas Ranger believes her. And he turns to The Loner, a man with the guile and courage to go undercover and find out who was behind Lupo's escape and murder. Posing as train robber, The Loner finds what he is after: a cold blooded and deadly master criminal. But from the get-go, The Loner is fighting for his life, for the lives of men and women on the right side of the law--and one desperate shot to plant an evil man six feet under in Boot Hill.

Pocket Paperback. Excellent, near-mint condition. 2012. 315 pages.

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