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The New Healing Foods, by Colleen Pierre

The New Healing Foods, by Colleen Pierre

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In easy-access A-to-Z format, this terrific resource offers new scientific findings to the Jerry Baker library of old-time wisdom by revealing more than 1,400 secrets to eating for good health, including Brussels sprouts for osteoporosis, chocolate for a healthy heart, eggs to stop memory loss, corn for good vision, and apricots for three separate cancer-fighting compounds. Suggesting fun, fast, easy ways to use healthy foods in daily meals, the guide also points out the money to be saved at the grocery store and on medical bills by avoiding processed food. The biggest current health threats—arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease—are discussed in their own chapters, and remedies for digestive problems (chile peppers), menstrual disease (raisins and shellfish), and ailments of old age (grapefruit for gum pain) are also covered in detail.

Hardcover. New, mint condition. 2005. 482 pages. Illustrated.

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