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The Other Mother's Club, by Samantha Baker

The Other Mother's Club, by Samantha Baker

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Parenting is hard. Anyone who says something different is either delusional or lying. Parenting children to whom you don't have a biological connection is even harder. At least that's the main premise of Samantha Bakers The Other Mothers Club. Baker provides an interesting spin on the traditional Wicked Stepmother story. Rather than new woman as the interloper, she presents the stepmother as a woman placed in a never-ending difficult, cant-ever-do-anything-right situation where someone else always comes first.

Its love at first sight when Eve Owen and widower Ian Newsome meet. Its not as though Eve didn't know that someone had come before her. If anything she knew more the average person considering she was interviewing Ian about his first wife, the one who had publicly chronicled her last days with cancer. Eve just hadn't understood how hard the shoes would be to fill.

With three new children, one of whom wants nothing to do with her, and a new home in which her personal effects number in the single digits, Eve cant help but wonder if love will be enough. With a slow buildup, the book has enough heart to keep you entertained through the very end.

Trade Paperback. New, mint condition. 2010. 411 pages.

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