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The Pretender, by Jaclyn Reding

The Pretender, by Jaclyn Reding

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The last thing Douglas Dubh MacKinnon needed was a wife, particularly a headstrong, pampered "princess" whose father is one of the most powerful dukes in England. After all, Douglas is already promised to wed another... a union that was to have put an end to a bitter centuries-old clan feud.

Lady Elizabeth Drayton doesn't wish to be married to Douglas any more than he wishes to be wed to her. Still, she agrees to her father's stipulation that they live as husband and wife—in all ways but one—for a period of two months. She has the duke's word that when this "temporary" marriage is annulled, she will be given her freedom, allowed to live the rest of her life by her own terms...

In the wake of the Jacobite's final attempt to restore the Stuarts to the royal throne, a prince is running for his life in the isles...and two strangers who should have been enemies, are thrown together by chance. They soon discover, however, that appearances aren't always what they seem, leaving them both to wonder... just who is the deceived—and who is the deceiver?

Pocket Paperback. Excellent, near-mint condition. 2002. 314 pages.

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