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The Small Garden Book, by Peter McHoy

The Small Garden Book, by Peter McHoy

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Subtitled "A practical guide to successful gardening in small spaces," The Small Garden Book succeeds in getting the gardener to think creatively about outdoor spaces where many would not think a garden could grow. While walking the gardener through the basic steps for garden planning, McHoy gets gardeners and designers thinking about the features that are most desirable in the garden (do you prefer beds, borders, an herb garden, a kitchen garden, space for a barbeque, seating area, compost area, etc.) while incorporating a sense of style. McHoy makes great suggestions for difficult sites and unusual shapes including roof gardens, patios, basement gardens, balconies and verandas. He doesn't neglect practical hardscape features like walls, floors, fences, hedges, lighting, arches and ornaments and even encourages the use of water features. While much of the book approaches gardening with a design emphasis, there are, of course, plant suggestions, and several well-illustrated how-to projects. Don't pass by this book if you have a larger garden - since McHoy helps the gardener to think more creatively about conserving space and the creative use of space - why not get more out of your garden regardless of its size!

Large Format Hardcover. Excellent, near-mint condition. 1995. 160 pages. Lavishly illustrated with 500 full-color photos & illustrations.

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