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To Touch the Sky, by Jule Moffett

To Touch the Sky, by Jule Moffett

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Descended from a long line of healers, Gillian Saunders barely ekes out a living selling the herbal medicines she makes in her Gloucester cottage. Still, she remains content with her simple life until it is turned upside down by handsome physician Spencer Reeves, whom she's called upon to heal after he's badly injured in a shipwreck. Grateful for the miraculous cure Gillian has wrought, he promises her his aid should she ever need it. Now, a violent act of revenge has destoyed her cottage, and Gillian has no choice but to go to Spencer. Offering to help him in his practice, she never expects to be swept into an irresistible passion . . . or that of an ancient curse which haunts her family will soon threaten her newfound love with him. Only the power of a mysterious family legacy can offer her a way to save Spencer from a death foretold generations ago . . .

Pocket Paperback. New, mint condition. 2002. 348 pages.

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