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Where Love Goes, by Joyce Maynard

Where Love Goes, by Joyce Maynard

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Claire is "pushing forty with a short stick." She's divorced and raising two teenagers in a small town where just about everybody else is married. Claire longs for companionship, romance, and passion. She's tried blind dates, answered the personals. She's still looking.

When Claire meets Tim -- also divorced, struggling to raise his own daughter, Ursula -- she believes she's found the perfect partner and lover. But as Tim and Claire work toward joining their families and building an intimate life together, their families clash in a never-ending battle for attention and affection: Ursula resents Claire, and Claire's children hate Ursula. When Ursula wreaks a unique and deadly vengeance on everyone, her mother suddenly shows up after a two-year absence and both families spin out of control. "I used to think you and I could make a family together," Claire tells Tim. "Now I feel I'm losing the family I had."

Where Love Goes is a poignant and stirring story about a woman's brave attempt to remake her life. Maynard writes realistically -- at times comically, at times lyrically -- about the issues women deal with today: the conflict between sexuality and domesticity, how to be a good enough mother and still survive professionally, and how to find passion and enduring love along the way. Her new novel will ring with truth and hopefulness for anyone who has ever loved, lost, and decided to try again.

Hardcover. Excellent, near-mint condition. 1995 First Edition. 338 pages.

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